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LightDrive uses the most simple yet effective principle of engineering, CORRUGATION.  

How Light? 
Lightdrive boards can reach the absolute featherweight range of 4 pounds.  The standard weight is slightly less than the average performance epoxy. 

How strong?  
In break strength tests Lightdrive Boards are nearly 60% stronger than other stringerless boards and 3
0% stronger than boards with an 1/8" wood stringer.  

Corrugation is a natural phenomenon giving structural integrity to all kinds of organic structures.  Palm fronds, insect wings, seashells all rely on corrugation to maintain a given weight while simultaneously increasing their strength.  In fact, their is no more efficient way to increase the strength of any material than corrugation.  Of course this claim has been validated in the natural world where this elegant principle of engineering has already been functioning for eons.

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